Time on my hands

Published September 3, 2016
Lil Me in the poolA few weeks back the pool thermometer broke and I found a replacement at the pool store that had a green rubber frog attached to the top.  The frog floated above the surface of the water as the thermometer circled the pool on the current created by the jets of water.
I watched the frog swing around the pool over and over again while I floated on my raft in the middle of the pool. During the day when I passed the French door to the poolI I looked out to see where the frog was and when I couldn’t find it I ran out to discover it in the far corner of the pool almost invisible in the shadow of the wall.  Gradually the frog and I became friends and It was time to give froggy a name.  I marveled at the frog’s sweet expression, nearly a smile, that remained constant despite a fate to travel the same water over and over again and almost always alone.  I developed a softness for the frog and on her next pass, I stopped her progress to look closely at the spots on her back and her chubby legs and round belly, and I was tickled, especially by her attitude, and I named her Lil Me.  She is a bit like me or I might be a bit like her when I am my best.  At any rate I identified with Lil Me and for a moment we were one and I had the purest feeling that I’ve had once or twice before, that I am one with everything in the world.  A moment when I can feel the heart beat of everything and we are singing the same song.  Those are the happiest moments of my life.
It is raining now, but an hour ago I was in the shallow pool standing on the bottom, my head well above the water and the sun pouring down on me and Lil Me.  I looked down through the water to the black bottom and saw a silhouette of my body.  I wiggled my arms and legs and made shadow figures like we did many decades ago to amuse ourselves.
I’ve been in that pool at least 600 times and never before saw the shadow figure of me.  And I couldn’t help but wonder what if all we are seeing on this physical plane is like the shadow figure and when we pass into the spirit world we see things in technicolor and three dimensions, not black and white and two dimensional.  It is a thought that flew from the bamboo tree overhead down to my shoulder and knocked on my skull.  It came to me because I don’t have a husband or wife or children or an in-law to take care of or a job or land to farm.  I have time on my hands to observe what is always present but I don’t always see and find meaning in the image and an application to my life.