Published June 18, 2018

Great chunks of snow fall with a thud from the trees and roof. 
Dear Catherine, 
I’ve talked too much …
Published June 11, 2018
As promised, an excerpt from …

I’m Back


Where have I been since November, six months ago?  The painting above in part is the answer. When I sent my manuscript, Her Widow, off to Dog Ear Publishing, I took off my writer’s cap and put on my painter’s hat.

The painting above is a commissioned piece, oil on canvas, 4 feet by 4 feet, that I did for the apartment building where I live.  I hope to be commissioned to do a painting for each hall in the building.

I have just returned the corrected galley of Her Widow to the publisher so it won’t be too long before the book is available.

I will soon be seeking prepublication reviews and begin promoting the book, the business side of the writing life that is harder for me than the writing, but once the book is available, I will seek some readings which I enjoy.

In the meantime I will be providing excerpts from Her Widow on this blog once a week.

If you have anything you want to say about the story please feel free to send a  note to me at

I am happy to be back in touch with you. After long periods of solitude writing, it is important and a joy for me to meet readers.  I will send the first excerpt Monday.

Thank you for your interest.  Joan