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Published February 25, 2019

Hello Blog Readers

I’ve been silent since the publication of Her Widow but now have something to say. I am going to teach a writer’s workshop from my home. For those who can’t attend, I will be offering notes from the workshop on my blog.

Once a week, I will post my instruction and feedback from the weekly workshop. Below is a description of the workshop

March 12-May 9

For the Beginner every Tuesday and for the Experienced Writer every Thursday at 7pm from March 12-May 9.

Classes will be taught by Joan Alden, author of six books, Adjunct English Professor at the Citadel in South Carolina 2003 to 2008, Freelance Editor, and Ghost Writer.

To learn more about Joan and her books go to her Website:



The Beginner Class on Tuesday evenings will provide an introduction to writing for publication and performance (memoir, fiction and nonfiction, dramatic play); instruction on developing character, plot, and theme with emphasis on finding your voice and point of view; the difference between show and tell; and various writing styles. 

The Master Classon Thursday evenings will provide time for each participant to read 4 pages (double spaced) of his/her work in progress with student feedback and instructor critique and suggestions.  Bring 5 copies of your work for the day with you.

Classes will begin on time and extraneous talk will be discouraged, so I suggest you arrive 15 minutes early to say hello and catch up with one another. 

Due to time and space constraints, the maximum class size is 5 with the possible exception of one more if needed.  There will be no class if less than 3 show. The first class is free.  After that $10-$20 per class is suggested.  The amount is for you to decide depending on the value of the class to you and your personal resources. 

If you are interested, please send an email by March 8thto jalden444@gmail.com

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